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Horse Agistment & Spelling Services

The facilities offered at Kitara Lodge are those desired by any rider.
The property includes:

  • 60 x 20m Indor Arena with lights and music complete with spectator platform - AVAILABLE FOR HIRE for Clinics or Individuals
  • 60 x 40m Sand Jump arena
  • 60 x 40m Grass Jump arena
  • 13 Stable Complex complete with auto waters and lights, rubber matting and shavings
  • 4 wshbay (1 with warm water)
  • 20m rubber lined round yard
  • 18 Individual Premium shelterd paddocks
  • 13 Individual Standard paddocks
  • 3 Large (3-5 Acre) Spelling paddocks

All Paddocks have automatic waters are PVC fenced with electric stand - offs to make the safest possible area for your horse to live.

Kitara Lodge also offers:

  • Onsite float parking for clients
  • Agisters Tack Room
  • Over night/Short term stabling
  • Schooling of horses
  • Lessons
  • Hire of Arenas for clinics/individuals
  • Dam for swimming horses

Our facilities are available for inspection upon Appointment

Please contact us via email at or use our Online Form